Are you a divorced or divorcing mom who is dreading the emotional shitstorm of your first holiday season alone?


What if you could have the support of a clinically trained coach (and former divorced mom herself), AND the support of a group of other women just like you on the ready to keep you fa la la'ing through the holidays and into the New Year?

I'm Lucinda Testo, and I help divorced and divorcing moms navigate the holidays with dignity, grace and a bit of badass-ness (even if a part of them is crying inside).

"Jingle All The Way: A 6-week group coaching program to help divorced and divorcing moms survive (and thrive) through the holidays" 


11/21/21 - 1/2/22

What the hell are you going to do about the holidays this year?!


Are you a mom who is currently divorcing or who has gone through a divorce in the last year? Are you DREADING the upcoming holiday season? 


Facing the pain, shame, anger, sadness, resentment (and so on) that often accompanies divorce is hard enough on a "good" day. But, when you throw in having to navigate the holidays as a single woman and mom, it can feel like a special kind of hell on earth. 


Am I right?


I would know. I separated from my Ex-husband in the middle of November 2011. I was a single, divorcing mom of a 4-year-old and an 8-month-old trying to navigate “the most wonderful time of the year”...except that it wasn't.



Join my 6-week group coaching program from 11/21/21 - 1/2/22 for MEGA support through the holidays and into the New Year.

When divorced and divorcing moms join this

6-week program, they are usually...

  • Wondering how they’re going to make it through the holidays

    • I’m so,,,, resentful!

    • Can I just crawl into a cave with a tray of cookies and forget the holidays this year?

    • My kids are with my Ex this year...what am I going to do without them?

    • What do I do when I see all the perfectly happy families on social media in tacky matching Christmas pjs...and I just want that to be me and my family?

  • Agonizing over having to share their kids with their Ex for the holidays

    • I don’t want to give up any time with my kids.

    • What will I do if they’re not with me?

    • What do I say to other people when they ask why my kids aren’t with me for the holidays?

    • What if my Ex gives our kids better gifts than I do?

  • Worried about how their kids are going to manage the holidays with the divorce

    • How do I manage my child’s emotions about the holidays being different this year?

    • How do I make things as normal as possible?

    • Maybe I should just buy my kids a ton of gifts to make up for the fact that things aren't going to be like they used to be..

  • Struggling to figure out and navigate all.the.boundaries.

    • What do I do about holiday cards?

    • Do I still have to buy gifts for my Ex in-laws?

    • What do I say at holiday parties when people ask why my Ex and I are no longer together?

Getting through the holidays when you’re newly divorced or still divorcing can be so.f*cking.hard.

BUT, you CAN make it through them and maybe (just maybe) make some pretty amazing memories while you're at it.

If we haven't met yet, I'm Lucinda! I'm a Certified Clini-Coach® and long-time therapist. I help divorced moms define their new identity and reclaim their awesomeness after divorce.


When you join the "Jingle All The way" 6-week group coaching program you will:

  • Develop your holiday plan (AHEAD of time)

    Having a plan IN PLACE lets you know what to expect so that you can start wrapping your head around it.

  • Get your boundaries ROCK SOLID

    Get clear about all the things: how you’re going to handle holiday parties, holiday cards, gift-giving, etc.

  • Have your one-liner ready to go for when people ask you about the divorce or ask where your kids are during the holidays.

    No more fumbling over your words!

  • Get crystal clear on your triggers and develop a strategy for how you are going to minimize them.

    Is your mom nagging you again about the divorce and how "unfortunate" it is that you guys "just couldn't work it out"? Have your calm comeback ready to go.

  • Create a self-care plan tailored to meet YOUR emotional and physical needs.

    Whether that means a Netflix binge, a yoga class or some axe throwing (with a certain somebody's face on the bullseye)'ll create a go-to plan for the especially hard days.

  • Create a vision board to set the tone and goals for your 2022.

    Let's get you ON-TRACK for creating a kick-ass 2022 by getting clear on your goals.


In this 6-week program, you will get:


  • Access to a private Facebook group with like-minded women who "get it". ($197 value)


  • Short, pre-recorded videos with tips, tools and strategies to help you get through the holidays during or post-divorce. (value $197)


  • Weekly, 60-minute LIVE group coaching calls that will be recorded and available for replay. ($747 value)


  • "DO This, NOT That": A checklist of post-divorce holiday DO’s and DON’Ts. ($47 Value)


  • Daily affirmations delivered to you in our private Facebook group to keep you grounded and centered. ($97 value)


  • Weekly journal prompts to help you focus on all that's merry and bright. ($97 value)


  • Daily, interactive support in the private Facebook group from a clinically trained coach who has also been a divorced mom herself. ($597 value)



  • Peace of mind that you (and your kids) WILL be okay. (PRICELESS)


  • BONUS! LIVE Vision Board Workshop to get you READY for a kick-ass 2022!


What are you waiting for?!


Join "Jingle All The Way: A 6-week program to help divorced and divorcing moms survive (and thrive) through the holidays" TODAY for only $1979...$497 !


The first THREE women to sign up for the program will get a FREE 1-hr 1:1 coaching session LIVE via Zoom ($250 value)!

(DOORS CLOSE Friday November 19th)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can't make it to the group coaching calls?

How long will I have access to the private Facebook group?

What you'll get in "Jingle All The Way: A 6-week coaching program to help divorced and divorcing moms survive (and thrive) through the holidays"...



  • Private Facebook group will open 11/19/21, two days before the program starts.

  • Can't make one of the group coaching calls? No problem! All group coaching calls will be recorded and available for replay so you can watch when YOU have time.

  • Support from a clinically trained coach (who was also a divorced mom herself) as well as support and camaraderie from other moms who "get it".

    Get support for all of the "hard" feelings.

    Develop your holiday plan.

    Learn to ask for what you need.

    Create new traditions with your kids.

    Create sanity-saving boundaries with more ease.

  • LIVE Vision Board Workshop

    Get yourself READY for a transformative 2022 with more peace, grace and happiness. There's no better way to accomplish this than getting crystal-clear about what kind of life your want to create as a single woman and mom. 

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