You need help figuring out what step to take next.


Coaching with a clinically-trained expert is the fastest way to get there. 


Individual Coaching with LUCINDA

The divorce is final. You find yourself floundering to figure out your new "normal" as a divorced woman and mom. You desperately want to figure out what to do next.

I can help.

Working with me means that you not only have a clinically trained coach, but you also have someone who has gone through the shit storm of divorce. 

  • Manage the "yuck" feelings post divorce (and there are A LOT of them).


  • Reframe your divorce so that you can take the lessons you learned. If you don't think you learned any...I promise you, we'll find some.


  • Get to know (and love) yourself again.


  • Get clear (and f****ing excited) about what's next for you.


  • Establish your tribe.


  • Manage that mom guilt with bad-assery.


  • Learn strategies for self-care (even if you feel like there is NO time for it).


  • Begin to feel more connected to yourself and your kids.


  • And maybe (just maybe) you'll think about dating again.


You KNOW you're ready to start moving the f*ck on after divorce, but you're not sure where or how to begin.

The "Overhaul" Package

Are you feeling like your post-divorce life needs a total overhaul? No worries...

I've got you.

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